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Residential Electrical

Power-up Your Lifestyle with Creative Solutions

Getting electrical power to where you want it isn’t always a simple task. Our electricians have the experience necessary to problem solve unique electrical challenges. Whether you are building a new home or need to add something to your existing electrical system, we are happy to help. We will determine whether your current system can handle the new draw from your power or whether you need an upgrade to better serve your home and property. We often provide wiring for:

In-floor electric heat

spas and hot tubs

landscape lighting

lighting control

lake pumps

boat lifts

The Power of Convenience – Standby Generators and Central Vacs

Electricity is synonymous with convenience. We don’t realize how dependent we are on it until it isn’t available. A standby generator to keep you powered-up during an outage was once considered a luxury. Not anymore. Ask us to provide a free quote for a generator for your home. 

A central vac system is another convenience item that many of our customers enjoy. Being able to plug a hose into a central system instead of hauling a vacuum from room to room or up and down stairs can make life just a little bit easier. Contact us to learn more about how these systems work.

The Right Lighting in the Right Places

When you see photos of homes in magazines they always look especially inviting. That is because professional photographers know what a difference the right lighting can make. The lighting on the exterior of your home and property provides increased security and a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Creative lighting within the home sets the tone for the room and can be used to highlight and accent features with a warm glow. Ask us for professional guidance in lighting your home and other features, including:

Landscape Lighting

cabinet lighting

patio Lighting

security Lighting

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